Maternity: Can women choose?

“While there has been a noticeable shift in attitudes in recent years, offering women the promise of a childbirth experience that respects their bodies and preferences, the reality doesn’t always align with this revolution of ideas.” This is the subject explored by journalist Isabelle Gravillon in her latest article featured in the magazine “L’Ecole Des Parents” issue number 648, Summer 2023 – Special Report: “New Approaches to Childbirth”

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Quali-Dec aims to provide better information on the choice of delivery method: cesarean or vaginal delivery? It is an international scientific research project that aims to reduce the number of medically unjustified cesarean sections by providing pregnant women, their families and health professionals with non-clinical tools to guide their choice of the most appropriate mode of delivery. Quali-Dec thus helps them to make an informed choice and to make the right decision.

For more information, download our decision support tool or the Quali-Dec application on Google Play for Android or Apple Store for iOS.

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Every birth is unique. The choice of delivery route depends on a number of factors such as the weight, size and position of your baby, as well as your medical history. This application is designed to provide you with information and help you reveal your preferences for the mode of delivery…

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