You are pregnant and you are thinking about the best way to give birth: vaginal delivery or caesarean section ...

Methods of giving birth

You are pregnant and thinking about the best way to give birth! Would you prefer to give birth by caesarean section or try a natural birth (vaginal delivery)? Quali-Dec informs you and helps you to have a good experience with the birth of your baby, by making an informed choice about natural childbirth or a planned caesarean section according to your situation.

Natural childbirth or planned caesarean section: advantages and disadvantages

There are many misconceptions about the safety and presumed benefits of caesarean section, but also about the fact that a woman should give birth vaginally no matter what. It is therefore important to be familiar with all the evidence-based advantages and disadvantages of both methods. Researchers from the Quali-Dec project have analysed all published studies from around the world that have compared maternal and newborn health outcomes according to the mode of delivery. Often there is a lack of information about the risks associated with each method. That’s why Quali-Dec has put the results of these studies at your disposal, including a downloadable application to help you make THE right decision!   

How can I be accompanied during labour?

If you have decided to attempt a vaginal birth, there are many benefits to being accompanied during labour by someone other than a health professional. Your partner or significant other has an important role to play in encouraging, supporting and reassuring you. The proven benefits of continuous support during labour and birth are reduced need for analgesia, shorter duration of the first stage of labour and reduced risk of caesarean section. Ask your doctor or midwife if it is possible to have a relative accompany you in the birth room…

How to choose the best method of giving birth for your condition?

You are pregnant with your first child and you have no medical contraindications to vaginal delivery? Do you hear or read conflicting information about the best way to give birth? Not sure how to decide what is best for you and your baby?
Quali-Dec provides you with a downloadable application that can help you make an informed and considered choice about which mode of delivery to consider before the onset of labor.

The essentials

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Feedback and testimonials to inform and enlighten you!

Alexandre Dumont
Alexandre Dumont
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Alexandre Dumont presents this interventional research project which focuses on the abusive practice of caesarean sections in the world and in particular in emerging and low-income countries.
Camille Etcheverry
Camille Etcheverry
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For a doctoral student and young researcher, it is a great opportunity and an asset to participate in an international programme like Quali-Dec.

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Every birth is unique. The choice of delivery route depends on a number of factors such as the weight, size and position of your baby, as well as your medical history. This application is designed to provide you with information and help you reveal your preferences for the mode of delivery…

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