Camille Etcheverry awarded for her scientific poster at the Doctoral School 393 Days (5 to 7 February 2024-Saint Malo)

Camille Etcheverry (midwife and doctoral student in epidemiology with the QUALI-DEC project) received an award for her scientific poster on her latest international survey “How does hospital organisation influence the use of caesarean sections in low- and middle-income countries? A cross-sectional survey in Argentina, Burkina Faso, Thailand and Vietnam for the QUALI-DEC project”.

As every year, the scientific days of the Doctoral School 393 in Public Health were held in Saint-Malo from 5 to 7 February 2024. With over 250 participants, this annual colloquium brought together all the doctoral students and supervisors of the ED, providing an opportunity to welcome new enrolees and to share moments of exchange between classes.

This year, 7 Ceped members (4 doctoral students and 3 supervisors) took part in the event; 2nd and 3rd year doctoral students presented a scientific poster of their work, and the 5 best were rewarded.

On this occasion, Camille Etcheverry (midwife and doctoral student in epidemiology with the QUALI-DEC project) was able to present the results of her latest international survey conducted as part of the QUALI-DEC project on the influence of hospital organisation on the use of caesarean sections in 4 countries (Argentina, Burkina Faso, Thailand, Vietnam);

She was awarded a prize for her poster: a very fine recognition of all her work, her investment and her mastery of the subject in terms of both content and form!

Congratulations to Camille Etcheverry! To find out more about her poster and the QUALI-DEC study, click here.

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