How do you choose the best method for giving birth adapted to your condition?

You are pregnant with your first child and you have no medical contraindications for vaginal birth? Are you hearing conflicting things about the best way to give birth? Are you unsure how to decide what is best for you and your baby?

The QUALI-DEC project provides you with a tool that can help you make an informed and thoughtful choice about the delivery method you would consider before going into labour.

After a careful and thorough review of the numerous scientific studies published throughout the world, the QUALI-DEC project research team has studied the advantages and disadvantages of the two planned modes of delivery: vaginal delivery or caesarean section. This information is summarised in the booklet that you can download.

The information contained in this booklet will help you to ask yourself the right questions, to think about which mode of planned childbirth is best suited to your case, and above all to guide you in your choice.

Above all, this is a personal choice; it is up to you.

How can you be accompanied during labour?

If you have decided to attempt a natural childbirth, there are many benefits to being accompanied during labour by someone other than a health professional. Your spouse or the person of your choice has an important role to play in encouraging, supporting and reassuring you.

The proven benefits of continued support during labour and delivery are the reduction in the need for analgesia, the reduction in the duration of the first stage of labour and the reduction in the risk of Caesarean section. Ask your doctor or midwife if it is possible to have a relative accompany you to the birth room.

The following video shows the testimonies of several women and health professionals who have had the experience of having a relative accompany them to the birth.