How to choose the best support adapted to your patients?

The QUALI-DEC project was born out of the desire of doctors and researchers to offer health professionals and their patients effective tools to help them make the best decisions regarding childbirth.

After a careful and thorough review of the numerous scientific studies published throughout the world, QUALI-DEC studied the advantages and disadvantages of the two modes of planned childbirth before the onset of labour: attempted vaginal delivery or planned caesarean section at around 39 weeks of amenorrhoea. Even if Caesarean section is currently perceived as a surgery without major risks, there are still complications associated with this practice today.

For more information, we advise you to consult the document “Benefits and Risks / Inconveniences of Planned Vaginal Birth versus Planned Caesarean: Evidence update report for QUALI-DEC Booklet Table (Torloni 2020)”, link below.


QUALI-DEC provides your patients with a small booklet to download so that they can be guided in their decision making. Giving birth, especially to your first child, can be distressing. For some, choosing the right method of delivery is obvious. For others, the choice is more cornelian.

This is why the QUALI-DEC project, with its expertise and studies, wants to provide objective and serious information so that each woman has all the information she needs to make a very personal choice.


The QUALI-DEC project has been created to improve the decision making process regarding the method of planned childbirth: natural childbirth or caesarean section. It provides pregnant women, their relatives and health professionals with a decision-making tool that will guide the discussion between a patient and her doctor or midwife during pregnancy and before the onset of labour. It aims to inform women of the risks and benefits of the two modes of planned childbirth and to guide them in their choice of one of the two possible options.

So how can you advise your patients properly? How can a practitioner help them to make a well-considered and as objective a decision as possible?

You will find below for download a booklet created by the QUALI-DEC project, intended for women with a single pregnancy, without a previous caesarean section scar and who can benefit from a labour trial (no contraindications to vaginal delivery).

This booklet is in two parts: (i) an information part, which provides an explanation of the risks and benefits of each of the two methods of planned delivery; and (ii) an exercise part, which allows women to explain their choice of one of the two possible methods of planned delivery and the reasons for this choice.

We recommend that you offer this booklet to your patients during prenatal care, towards the end of pregnancy, and explain how to use it. If one of your patients is interested, she will then take this booklet home to read it, share it with her family and friends, and choose one of the two modes of planned childbirth. You will be able to discuss with your patient, during the next consultation, her choice and her motivations, and together you will be able to make the most appropriate decision.

Depending on the stage of the pregnancy and the results of your clinical examination, you will find all the information in this booklet that will help you to propose the best method to your patient and her family.

Do not hesitate to download it and consult all our studies to find out more about our project and the state of our research.

Accompaniment during labour and delivery

In 2018, the WHO published recommendations for a positive birth experience. Among these, the support of a relative or a trusted person helps to reassure women about their ability to give birth naturally. The QUALI-DEC team decided to help the health facilities participating in the project to set up this type of support, by modifying the organisation of care structures and by training local health care staff.