Opinion Leaders

The QUALIDEC project to help opinion leaders. The non-clinical tools that we propose in the QUALIDEC project to improve decision making on cesarean section are applied in maternity wards by key players that we call opinion leaders.
These are obstetricians or midwives recognized by their superiors and with a solid reputation among their colleagues. They may be heads of department or unit in the maternity hospital, or professionals without institutional responsibilities but with extensive professional experience.

The project team has developed a training course for opinion leaders to help them change their point of view and their conception of delivery methods and to put into practice the various tools we propose.

The QUALIDEC project offers identified opinion leaders the opportunity to participate in a 5-day training session to learn how to apply the different components of the QUALIDEC project.

Opinion leaders are periodically supervised by the QUALIDEC project leader in each participating country. The opinion leaders are responsible for creating an environment conducive to the application of the various tools of the QUALIDEC approach, while promoting evidence-based medical practices.