Which mode
of birth?

Women necessarily give birth either naturally or by caesarean section. The choice of one or the other method is not without consequences for the health of mother and baby.
In spite of a high level of awareness among women and health professionals, the practice of caesarean sections is increasing all over the world. This growth is very often linked to a choice for reasons of comfort, and not for medical reasons.
To counter this, the QUALI-DEC project offers a new vision by providing tools and a method to help you decide on the best method for giving birth.

Natural childbirth or scheduled caesarean section: making the right decision

Childbirth is an important moment in a woman’s life. It is a real project that deserves reflection and careful study. Natural childbirth, also known as vaginal delivery or caesarean section? How do you choose the right method before you go into labour?

Sometimes for medical reasons, a scheduled caesarean section before the start of labour is necessary. But it is possible, more often than not, to attempt a natural birth, which has many advantages over a scheduled Caesarean section.

You are pregnant and you are thinking about the best method for giving birth.

Natural childbirth or planned Caesarean section, click here to decide which method is best suited to your situation.

You are a healthcare professional: how to advise your patients?

QUALI-DEC gives you tools, click here to discover them.

You are a researcher and you wish to follow the QUALI-DEC studies

We put our studies at your disposal, click here.

What is the QUALI-DEC project?

QUALI-DEC is a project born from the joint work of the IRD (research and development institute) and its partners around the world.
It is based on the sometimes alarming observation that caesarean sections are too often used as a method of childbirth.

The QUALI-DEC project was created in order to improve decision-making in childbirth by health professionals and by women themselves. It provides pregnant women, their relatives and professionals with non-clinical tools to guide their choice before or during labour. It aims to reduce the practice of non-medically justified caesarean sections and to encourage natural childbirth.

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A training session is organised for the opinion leaders and for the data collectors, containing tailored training material. If you are concerned by this training,

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QUALI-DEC project in Thailand

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