Opinion Leader

Opinion leaders are in charge of creating a favourable environment for the implementation of the QUALI-DEC intervention, while promoting best clinical practices.

An opinion leader (OL) have been identified in each participating hospital. The OLs are gynaecologist-obstetricians recognized by their local authorities and with proven communication skills and a solid reputation among their colleagues. They are usually heads of maternity departments or obstetrician-gynaecologists with more than 10 years of experience.

Once they are nominated, OLs will participate in a 5-day training session at the beginning of the launching period to train them in the implementation of the different components of the Quali-Dec intervention.

Then, OLs will lead the process of selection of evidence-based clinical protocols for caesarean decision and train on site collaborators charged with implementing audit and feedback, decision-aid and companionship during labour.

It should also be noted that the OLs will be accompanied by their national coordinator and a data manager.

More ressources for (future) opinion leaders :