One of the most important benefit of the project is to make sure our research and its results have a positive impact at a larger scale.

Argentina, as one of the QUALI-DEC country, is where we would like to see the results of the project published and disseminated in priority, in order to give back to the community and provide an alternative to the increasing C-section rates in both the private and public sectors.
Gisela Scaglia, in her speech for the QUALI-DEC kick-off meeting in March 2020, speaks about the mothers of her country and the laws that are there to protect them and their babies.
These argentinian mothers who gave birth, maybe wanting a vaginal birth, sometimes had a non-medically justified C-section. Gisela wants to act on this and tackle this rising issue.
With her speech, the deputee shared with us what solutions she envision for these mothers. More facilities that are attentive to the desires of mothers regarding the type of delivery and the companionship during labour. She also wishes for information and support rather than biased influence.

Overall, she wishes for a more compassionate medicine, which is fully in line with the QUALI-DEC’s vision.