Opinion Leaders mobilisation is based on multiple complex interactions including interpersonal relations and influences. Work in the QUALI-DECproject aims to develop and evaluate a strategy to implement the four components to reduce unnecessary caesarean sectionsin different countries. All this work is interrelated and based on the local context, to ensure that all the actions carried out are suitable for its implementation. Working together with local opinion Leaders and Data collectors will contribute to the engagement of health professionals in the participant settings to implement the QUALI-DECcomponents. A training module has been designed and will be tailored for each country to work with OL and DC before the implementation. Findings from previous formative research done in each country will be used to tailor the country module and to find out how OL should better be mobilised. The electronic portfolio is conceived as an online tool with different functionalities that will allow facilitators and OL share information and collect data for the training assessment. After each training module the QUALI-DECproject will have feed-back information from attendantstrough this electronic tool and it will be used to improve QUALI-DECstrategy for the implementation of the components follow-up