This document is the first version of the QUALI-DEC data management plan (DMP) and constitutes the deliverable 2.3. of the project. The purpose of this DMP is to describe how research data during the QUALI-DEC lifetime will be collected/generated, processed, disseminated/made accessible, protected and stored.
The QUALI-DEC DMP follows the structure of the Horizon 2020 DMP template. Each part contains a set of questions (provided in the H2020 template) and the proposed answers. These responses will be clarified/updated throughout the project in case of significant changes during the periodic evaluation of the project.
The QUALI-DEC DMP describes :

  • the type of data that will be collected, processed, or gathered
  • the processing of research data during and after the project
  • what methodologies and standards will be applied
  • how the data will be made FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable)
  • what resources (financial and human) will be required to manage QUALI-DEC data
  • how the data will be stored and preserved during and after the project
  • how data will be shared and stored safely
  • ethical aspects related to data